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California public policy favors inclusionary housing, the planned integration of housing types and participants in each community. Inclusionary housing consists of rental and for sale housing that is affordable to households from a broad portion of the economic spectrum.
Hunters Pointe 168 $53.2 million Carlsbad, CA
Rancho Buena Vista 150 $23.3 million Chula Vista, CA
The Crossings 108 $22 million San Diego, CA
Fairbanks Ridge 204 $58.1 million San Diego, CA
Teresina 440 $46 million Chula Vista, CA
The Landings 92 $27.8 million Chula Vista, CA
Glen Ridge 78 $22 million Carlsbad, CA
Mariposa 106 $15.9 million Carlsbad, CA
Rancho Del Norte 119 $21.8 million San Diego, CA
Villa Serena 132 $9.2 million Chula Vista, CA
Windwood Village 92 $13.9 million San Diego, CA
Cityplace 70 $17.5 million Bakersfield, CA
Versa 150 $56.6 million San Diego, CA
Fairbanks Commons 165 $50.5 million San Diego, CA
Fairbanks Square 100 $50.5 million San Diego, CA 
Iris 20 $8.2 million Encinitas, CA
Mill Creek Courtyard 62 $16.7 million Bakersfield, CA 
Pacific Sun 6 $2.9 million Huntington Beach, CA
Rancho del Sol 96 $24.6 million San Diego, CA 
Seabreeze 38 $5.4 million San Diego, CA
Terramar 21 $7.6 million San Diego, CA
The Landings II 143 $47.6 million Chula Vista, CA
Torrey Highlands 76 $10 million San Diego, CA
Villa Andalucia 32 $4.4 million San Diego, CA
Villa Glen 26 $4.2 million San Diego, CA
Willow Glen 135 $29 million Natomas, CA
Special Needs
Certain segments of the population have special housing and service needs. Typical special needs populations include seniors, disabled, developmentally disabled, and recently homeless persons. The Company has developed housing projects that include physical features, amenities and services that make them suitable to special needs residents.
City Heights Square 150 $32.3 million San Diego, CA
Market Square Manor 200 $19.9 million San Diego, CA
Villa Harvey Mandel 90 $13.2 million San Diego, CA
Paul Mirable Single Adult Resid. 350 Bed $9 million San Diego, CA
Alpha Square 203 $42.7 million San Diego, CA
Independence Point 32 $13.4 million San Diego, CA
Transitional Housing      
15th & Commercial 140 $56.6 million San Diego, CA
16th and Market 136 $73.1 million San Diego, CA
Salvation Army - Door of Hope 40 $12.8 million San Diego, CA
One of the Company’s specialties is developing apartment communities in small communities located in rural areas. These rural communities frequently have a housing stock that is substandard and unsafe. The Company has developed rural projects ranging from 10 to over 100 units.
Countryside Apartments 73 $9.9 million El Centro, CA
Calexico Family Apartments 80 $10.3 million Calexico, CA
Heber Family Apartments I & II 153 $29.7 million Heber, CA
Villa de las Flores 80 $8 million Calexico, CA
Bienestar Apartments I & II 156 $13.4 million San Luis, AZ
Brawley Elks Senior Apartments 81 $10.7 million Brawley, CA
Brawley Family Apartments 80 $9.6 million Brawley, CA
Brawley Gardens 81 $11.8 million Brawley, CA
Cesar Chavez 56 $14.2 million Riverside, CA
El Quintero 54 $4.6 million Calexico, CA
Emperor Estates 62 $8.8 million Dinuba, CA
Hatfield Homes 48 $6 million El Centro, CA
Holtville Senior Apartments 81 $9.4 million Holtville, CA
Las Brisas 72 $10.1 million El Centro, CA
Las Casitas 76 $5.3 million San Luis, AZ
Las Palmeras 56 $13.6 million Calexico, CA
Rivera I & II 134 $8.4 million Calexico, CA
Tierra Del Cielo 32 $6.2 million Somerton, AZ
Villa del Sol 52 $10.3 million Calexico, CA
Villa Dorado 80 $16.5 million Calexico, CA
Villa Esperanza 72 $15.2 million Calipatria, CA
Villa Fortuna 64 $10.6 million Brawley, CA
Villa Primavera 48 $13.3 million Calexico, CA
Westmorland Family Apartments 65 $9.7 million Westmorland, CA
A Redevelopment or Revitalization project is one that is developed in an area that is designated as a focus of redevelopment efforts by a city or redevelopment agency. Such areas are normally somewhat blighted, have dilapidated buildings that do not conform to health and safety codes or zoning ordinances, high crime, etc. The idea of redevelopment is to replace the old uses and buildings with new development or restoration of buildings. Petco Park is a redevelopment project, as is Market Square, De Anza, Hotel San Carlos, and St. Regis. The method is to repair or replace the old buildings, drive out the bad uses and bad people, and improve public safety. The effort usually requires public investment to get it started and private investment to keep it going.
Courtyard Terraces 88 $24.5 million San Diego, CA
Hotel San Carlos 60 $3.7 million Yuma, AZ
Market Square Manor 200 $19.9 million San Diego, CA
Villa Harvey Mandel 90 $13.2 million San Diego, CA
DeAnza Hotel 94 $6.5 million Calexico, CA
Cedar Creek Apartments 48 $13.9 million Santee, CA
City Heights Square 150 $32.3 million San Diego, CA
Estrella del Mercado 92 $43.9 million San Diego, CA
Silver Sage Apartments 80 $24 million Lakeside, CA
St. Vincent de Paul — 16th & Market 136 $69.4 million San Diego, CA
Verbena Family Apartments 80 $26.6 million San Ysidro, CA
Vista Terrace 47 $12.8 million San Diego, CA
Acquisition / Rehabilitation
“Acquisition / rehab” projects are existing apartment communities that range from a few years to many decades old. The projects are acquired with the purpose of renovating and modernizing them to the greatest extent possible.
Regency Centre Apartments 100 $6.1 million San Diego, CA
St. Regis Park Apartments 119 $9.9 million Chula Vista, CA
Beachwind Apartments 15 $4.1 million Imperial Beach, CA
Dellums 73 $9.7 million Oakland, CA
Oakridge 41 $5.3 million Oakdale, CA
Park Place 88 $11.6 million Hobbs, NM
Vista Terrace 47 $12.8 million San Diego, CA
Westminster Manor 155 $53.6 million San Diego, CA