Resident Services

Chelsea works closely with leading nonprofit service providers to custom-design service programs to meet the unique needs of each community. These programs range from comprehensive supportive services and individual case management to after school programs and adult education classes; all services are provided at no cost to residents.  The purpose of the services provided is to empower the residents by building skills that will increase their self-sufficiency and enhance their quality of life. On a monthly basis, there are an average of 441 educational classes held involving 643 hours of instruction and over 2,350 students attending. Below are examples of some of the services offered.



Children's Programs

After School Homework Tutoring
This class provides a quiet and comfortable space for children to work on their homework. This class also encourages young residents to remain in school, obtain necessary credentials and to prepare them for future learning and employment opportunities. 

Computer Enrichment Program
Classes are offered on the use of the hardware and software programs. Special emphasis is made to help the students with school research and homework assignments using the computer. 

Arts & Crafts
Arts and crafts classes are held to provide a fun and engaging environment for children. Through a variety of materials and resources, kids are able to interact and design creative and imaginative projects, individually and with other children. 

Reading Program
Reading programs are offered to encourage students to read and continue developing related skills. Through a range of various activities and lessons, children can work on building vocabulary and understanding stories in a fun and supportive learning environment.


Adult Programs

Computer Classes 
Computer literacy classes for adults are offered with special emphasis on increasing the employment potential of the residents. Other skills covered will include use of software, document formatting, spreadsheets, internet research, etc.          

English as a Second Language Classes (ESL)
ESL classes are offered to provide residents with an interactive way to learn English. Using a variety of resources including workbooks and newspapers, residents can work with an instructor as well as each other to practice speaking, reading and writing English.

Citizenship Classes
Citizenship classes are offered to assist those residents that are interested in going through the citizenship application process. 

Referrals to Community Resources
Various community agencies are invited to visit the sites and hold presentations to familiarize the residents with their services. Community services which have been offered to the residents include parenting classes, domestic violence awareness, health and wellness services, employment services, assistance with utility payments, and free or affordable tax preparation

Consumer Credit Counseling

The topics discussed include buying your first home, money management skills, predatory lending, wise use of credit and other financial literacy topics.


Senior Programs

Transportation Services
Senior transportation is available for medical appointments, medical medication pick ups, and personal shopping. 

Nutrition Classes
Weekly cooking classes with an emphasis on nutrition are offered to senior residents. A nutrition instructor promotes healthy eating habits by demonstrating healthy and nutritious meals to the residents. By improving the nutrient intake of our senior residents we assist them to remain healthy and independent in their communities

Senior Fitness
Weekly exercise classes are offered to senior residents. The classes promote safe, fun, and effective senior fitness subjects such as low-impact exercise, stretching, relaxation, and fall prevention. These exercise classes promotes the notion that good physical and mental health is a direct result of a safe and active exercise regimen. 

Health and Wellness
Through partnerships with health organizations such as local hospitals and community clinics, the residents are provided health and wellness education information and free health screenings.


Additional Programs
Food Program
A food distribution program is made available once a month to qualified residents contingent upon an agreement with the local food bank. The purpose of this program is to help residents with a supplemental source of food to meet their nutritional needs. 

Community Safety and Crime Prevention
A Community Safety and Crime Prevention Program is developed in collaboration between the local police department, the property manager and the residents of the apartment complex. The objective of this effort is to maintain a crime free environment by offering crime prevention seminars to the residents and by the implementation of a Neighborhood Watch Program.

Linkage to Other Social Services
A central source of social services information is maintained and updated for the residents at the community building. Linkages to the local community are made to bring existing resources from local social services agencies and private sector businesses to the residents. Based on the needs of the residents, referral information on employment opportunities, job training, child care, parenting education, consumer education and financial literacy is provided.