College of the Desert, Indio Campus

Cost: $23.9 million

BCCC NMTC allocation: $9.3 million

Sponsor: College of the Desert

Investor: US Bank

Location: Riverside County, CA

Description: Project consists of the construction of a 40,000 square foot, 3 store campus building which includes 10,000 square feet of retail. The College of the Desert, Indio Campus (COD) was constructed on a 2.5 acre site donated by the City of Indio which was previously a defunct bus terminal and ground zero for prostitution in the area. It is COD’s goal and the belief of City and regional leaders that the COD’s presence will help revitalize the entire section of the eastern Coachella Valley Region. COD estimates it will serve 3,000 students annually with as many as 5,900 by Year 7 who primarily come from lower-income and minority households. COD offers 2 year programs and is a vital link in helping students from these backgrounds gain access to academic and job skills training that would otherwise be financially or logistically out of reach.